Center for Digital Health and Well-being

The digital society is a data-driven personalised world. Consumers are asking for goods and services specifically tailored to their intrinsic characteristics and preferences. This movement is currently intensifying as we enter the post-digital era: each of our actions can be tracked and analysed (data analytics) and then can feed predictive models (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) which will define and design what will be offered next to us and health care makes no exception to this.


 To develop activities contributing to engaging and empowering people and communities to live better, healthier and a happier life, by the use of digital technologies and services, and by this improve Public Health.


1.      Create around the centre a multi-stakeholder ecosystem, both locally, nationally and internationally

2.      Being an international reference centre with high-quality research and publications about Digital Health and Wellbeing;

3.       Develop innovative funding schemes and models for public health and wellbeing;

4.       Impact the way public health and “care” are produced and delivered, taking Manipal region as an advanced living-lab / test-bed and attracting external investors;

5.       Empower citizens and enable them to take their health in hand and live a better life.

6.       Develop, within the 2 first years, a business case for the centre with a mix of activities generating external incomes ensuring its long-term sustainability.


 Mr Julien Venne, Researcher at the UNU-MERIT, Maastricht University who is also the Director for Strategy, Development and Partnerships at Sharecare and Board Director, European Connected Health Alliance.

Email ID: julien.venne@manipal.edu