The organization of Healthcare is getting more importance in India over the years. Economic growth allows to invest more in the provision of healthcare. At the moment the discussion is mostly dominated by the question about what the best managerial and administrative way is to organize the services. As second and tertiary care is mostly delivered by private institutions, financial return of investment plays an important role too. Health Systems in India are still highly bureaucratic, slow and inefficient. Educational and training capacities are lacking in developing a solid Healthcare system. As there are only a few independent institutions dealing with these issues, there is a strong demand and need for a Think Tank in Health policy and Health systems that can advise different stakeholders (e.g. local, regional and federal Government (-institutions), public and private provider of  Healthcare Services on Health Policy and Health Systems Reforms.


The aim of the centre is to provide policy analysis and evidence-based advice for Health Policy and Health System Reforms


1.      Build capacities in Health policy analysis, Health System analysis and reforms at PSPH.

2.      Position the Think Tank Centre as a Centre for Advanced Studies


Dr Sanjay Pattanshetty, Associate Professor - Department of Health Policy, Program Coordinator – Leadership in Public Health, Academic Coordinator - Prasanna School of Public Health is the coordinator of the centre.

Email ID: sanjay.pattanshetty@manipal.edu