Innovation Cell

The Innovation Cell has been created at PSPH to encourage Innovation in Public Health. It provides a platform for Students, Faculty & Researchers to be part of this cell and come up with Innovative Ideas in Public Health. The Objective of this Cell is to Create & Promote Innovative culture in Public Health. The Innovation Cell will help to respond to unmet public health needs by creating new ways of thinking and working with a focus on the needs of vulnerable populations. It aims to add value in the form of improved efficiency, effectiveness, quality, sustainability, safety and/or affordability. The Innovation Cell is now open to the Public. Members get access to current scientific advancements, PSPH Library and workstation at PSPH. It will also serve as a platform for one’s own innovation start-up company. The Innovation cell will monitor the ongoing projects and deliberations on new ideas that will change the face of public health worldwide. The Research cell & the Innovation Cell plan to come up with a newsletter that would offer a snapshot of research innovations in Public Health.