Dr. Lena Ashok

Associate Professor & Coordinator for MSW Program

Department of Global Health


    She is an Associate Professor and Coordinator of the MSW Program in the Prasanna School of Public Health at Manipal Academy of Higher Education.


    • Successfully completed research projects under ICMR & ICSSR.
    • Teaches & guides PG students in pursuing their Master's degree in Social Work (MSW) & completing their thesis. 
    • Teaches Social & Cultural Perspectives on health to undergraduate Medical students at MMMC.
    • Has conducted Project through CSR collaborating with leading corporates & industries. 
    • Is a guide for PhD Scholars in Social Work Program.
    • Prepares Syllabus in consultation with experts.
    • Coordinates and organises field work practicum for MSW PG students in various governmental and non-governmental organisations and hospital settings to broaden the students’ understanding and to expose them for practical training.
    • Facilitates students from international universities every year for the Symposium organised by the department.
    • Is Member of Board of Studies, guiding research. 
    • Guides students in their research projects.
    • Is Co- investigator in research projects funded by ICMR .
    • Is involved in Teaching, Lesson Planning and Syllabus revision.
    • Guides Students for research Dissertation. 
    • Supervises for Students Internship. 
    • Guides students for Field work practicum. 
    • Conducts industrial exposure visit to various organization





Subject Semester / Year
Introduction to social case work and group work (MSW) Year I
Human Growth and Development (Shared) Year I
Advanced Social case work and group work Year I
Social Work Research and Social Statistics Year I
Medical Social Work Year I
Social Work & Public Health Year I
Research Project Year II
Field Work Practicum Year I, Year II


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
PhD Medical and Psychiatric Social Work MAHE, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal 2006


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
Department of Community Medicine, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal Medical Social Work 20 Years


Area of Interest

Adolescent health, MCH, Elderly

Area of Expertise

Adolescent health

Area of Research

Adolescent health, Elderly

Professional Affiliations & Contributions


  • Best Paper Presentation was awarded for the paper on “HIV/AIDS Education for Adolescents- An experiment in a rural setting” at the Silver Jubilee National Conference of the Indian  Society for Medical Statistics  held at Manipal during Dec 2007.
  • Indian Association of Social Sciences in Health (IASSH).
  • Indian Society of Professional Social Work (ISPSW).

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