Prasanna School of Public Health has excellent working relations with WHO, UNICEF, other International Organizations, Universities and Industries. PSPH, across its various courses, offers its students tremendous field exposure, training in public health research, knowledge on academic writing and publishing and builds their capacities to respond to public health across spectrums. Whether as public health professionals, administrators or as social workers, students and researchers from PSPH are well-versed in statistics, research methods, field practice, programme management, innovation in service delivery and in responding to national and global policy needs. PSPH envisages its role as a pioneer institute that attracts dedicated students and researchers and contributes to the growing field of public health through targeted interventions and trained professionals.

PSPH combines within its mandates research, service to society and teaching through masters level courses offered for a two-year duration. All these courses are required for appropriate responses to national and global health challenges that India faces now. PSPH is gearing towards becoming a global presence that anticipates and responds appropriately to the public health needs of the future.