Hands on Carpentry Workshop

May 13, 2022


This workshop intends to provide hands-on experience regarding the basic carpentry and practical understanding. The workshop aids in translating & executing design into furniture pieces with appropriate scale. This workshop will help students to understand the use of carpentry techniques, tools and processes involved. The workshop was scheduled for 3 days from 11th May to 13th May 2022. 

Students learned about the preparation of working details & drawings, understanding of tools. Preparation of materials for execution, making joineries & parts, assembling the components/ parts, Finishing of the final furniture with required finishes. Students successfully executed their designs under the guidance of expert ­Ar. Deviprasad Kateel & Team, carpenters, faculty team members. On later day, exhibition was held at MSAP to display student’s work. 

Participant Details: No. of Faculty:   03,    No. of Students: 40